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bwin娱乐城 棋牌游戏   第一部分 五年高考题荟萃

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  Horse-drawn sleigh rides     Dogsledding       Snowmobiling

  Welcome to Banff, Canada's first, most famous and arguably most fascinating national park. If you've come to ski or snowboard, we'll see you on the slopes. Skiing is a local favourite too.

  While you're here, try other recreational activities available in our mountains. Popular choices include a Banff Gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain, bathe in the natural mineral waters at the Upper Hot Spring, horse-drawn sleigh ride, drive-your-own-team dog sled excursion, and snowmobile tour to the highland(but not in the national park).

  We also recommend you make time to enjoy simple pleasures. After looking around Banff Ave shops, walk a couple of blocks west or south to the scenic Bow River.

  True ice skating on frozen Lake Louise where Ice Magic International Ice Sculpture Competition Works are displayed after Jan 25. You can rent skates in Banff or at the sport shop in the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel.

  Banff's backcountry paths access a wilderness world of silence and matchless beauty-cross country skis and snowshoes provide the means. Banff sport shops rent equipment and clothes, or join an organized tour. Although we've been many times, we still find the cliffs and icefalls of our frozen canyons worth visiting.

  Wildlife watching also creates satisfying memories. We have seen hundreds of the elk and bighorn sheep that attract visitors, yet they still arouse a sense of wonder. And the rare spotting of a cougar, wolf or woodland caribou takes our breath away.

  See if simple pleasure work for your Fight in the snow with your kids, walk beside a stream or climb to a high place and admire the view.

  -Banff Resort Guide Editors

  69. According to the passage, Banff's backcountry is accessible by .

  A. cross country skiing B, horse-drawn sleigh riding

  C. snowmobiling D. dogsledding

  70. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

  A. Dogsledding is the most popular sport among local people.

  B. Watching wildlife is a memorable experience.

  C. Travelers should bring their own sports equipment.

  D. Shopping is too simple a pleasure to enjoy.

  71. The purpose of the writing is to _______.

  A. promote scenic spots in Canada

  B. advertise for the sports in Banff

  C. introduce tourist activities in Banff

  D. describe breathtaking views in Banff

  答案 69.A 70.B 71.C


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